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We've Broken Ground!

Did you know that Bigelow Homes broke ground on our 9th Home for Hope last Monday?

We are not just passionate about building homes, we are also dedicated to giving back to help fight global poverty. Along with our trade partners, we are delighted that we are able to make a difference through this amazing organization.

"Hope International provides the poorest of the poor in Third World countries with the opportunity to obtain small loans that enable impoverished people to work themselves out of poverty. For the first time, they have enough money to buy a sewing machine, oven, or other implement that enables them to work more productively. The loans are typically made to women and have a 98% re-payment rate. Which means the money that has been donated is able to be loaned out over and over again.

The eight homes that Bigelow Homes has built for Homes for Hope so far, have generated over $1,750,000 in donations, which is being loaned out, repaid, and loaned out over and over again. These donations will provide enough jobs so that over 250,000 people will no longer be living in poverty." - Perry Bigelow, Founder of Bigelow Homes

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Our 9th Home for Hope is a one story home located in Plum Creek and is available for purchase.

For more information about this home CONTACT US.

By Bigelow Homes 6-25-2018