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The Bigelow Homes Story

Imagine for a Moment that You Are In Your New Home

You step out your front door onto a large porch and look out to see children playing catch in a spacious green park or trying to climb one of the many beautiful trees. Your neighbors across the park wave hello from their porches while the scent of roses from the park drifts over to you in the breeze. Your friend next door steps out to walk her dog and you invite her to sit with you for a cup of coffee. You enjoy the friendly conversation while the sound of children laughing, chatter from other porches, and the wind in the trees meld in the background.

You won't find garage fronted houses facing high speed, unsafe streets with sidewalks that are unable to be walked on because cars are parked across them. Instead, you'll find a real neighborhood that has been thoughtfully designed so that each home faces a welcoming and beautifully landscaped pocket park with a front porch that is meant to be lived on and enjoyed, making them the perfect place to work, play, and relax. We believe that neighborhoods are a way of life, not just where you go to sleep every night.

Bigelow Homes has been building neighborhoods for 40 years and was honored to receive the most prestigious award in the housing industry, the National Builder of the Year Award. We became the nation's first developer and builder of highly energy efficient homes in the early 1980's. Our emphasis on energy conservation naturally led to an interest in cultural and social sustainability. This interest became a deep rooted passion and has resulted in the following practices applied to each neighborhood we design.

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The Bigelow Homes Difference

Neighborhoods that encourage the residents to be as friendly with neighbors as they would like.
Neighborhoods where the streets and sidewalks are safe and enjoyable for pedestrians, without the worry of fast driving cars.
Sidewalks that are walkable and safe for children to play on.
Homes facing pocket parks.

What is a Pocket Park?

Living in a pocket park is like living on a cul-de-sac with no cars. Homes are arranged around a spacious, beautifully landscaped private park. Garages are located in the back of the home allowing for much more privacy than living on a public street, while still creating a friendly community due to the large livable front porches and wide sidewalks. Privacy and safety are also assured by the private layers of open space between the public street and each home's interior, plus it includes wonderful views! All of this is within your own little pocket of the neighborhood.

As a family-owned company, we give a great amount of thought, time, and intentionality to building neighborhoods that will not only allow you to live in a wonderful house, but also enjoy a happy, playful, and welcoming neighborhood that you can call home. Our team has been handpicked for their specific and numerous strengths so that we can continually provide you with exceptional service. We will be with you every step of the way, from choosing a neighborhood, picking a home site and floorplan, to deciding on flooring and wall colors.

We look forward to meeting you and not only exceeding your expectations in service but also in the new neighborhood you'll call home.

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