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5 Ways Renting Affects Your Quality of Life

#1. Dirt and Germs.
While most apartments do their best to clean between tenants, there are always those cracks and crevices you just cant get the grime from previous tenants out of. Many complexes also have carpet in one or more rooms which is capable of harboring mold, allergens, and bacteria including Norovirus, Salmonella, and E.Coli. Yuck! Who knows who has lived there before you?

#2. Ever Increasing Rent.
Unless you're confident you'll be able to live in the same apartment for 2+ years, odds are you've signed a one year lease. This means every year you will either have to move or pay more a month in rent. Sometimes as much as 15% of your previous rate! Higher rent can put a serious dent in any budget.

#3. It's Not Really "Yours".
It can be a challenge to find an apartment that is both affordable and your "style". Most apartments don't allow you to make any significant changes to the design. It's hard to enjoy your home when you really can't make it "yours". The ability to choose your flooring, counter tops, appliances, and even paint color can really make the difference when it comes to being comfortable and happy where you live.

#4. The Stairs.
Unless you're lucky enough to have an apartment with an elevator or get one on the ground floor (which also has its downfalls; lack of natural light!), you're stuck climbing one or more flights of stairs with whatever you bring home from the store. While it can be a good workout, carrying bags of groceries up three flights of stairs every week isn't most people's idea of fun. Especially if it's raining!

#5. Parking.
Most apartments do not have assigned spots and parking is first come first serve. That means you could end up parking a long distance from your front door on any given day. It may be nice to take a stroll on a beautiful summer day, but in a storm or in the winter it's a whole other story!

Renting can be a great temporary solution, but if all of these things are affecting your quality of life, it may be time to consider purchasing your own brand new home.

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By Bigelow Homes 5-18-2018