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Doing good by doing right

Builder of the Year Special Report – A PB Staff Report, from Professional Builder Magazine

Chicago's Bigelow Homes sets a benchmark for builders who aspire to (profitably) better the lives of the people who buy their homes.

It would be rare to find a home builder who has not made a public claim to positively impact society. Ownership housing plays a big role in knitting together the fabric of community in America. But what would happen if social engineering role, along with nurturing the natural environment, became your central reason for being? Would your company be more, or less profitable?

The answers are on display in just such a company. Aurora, Ill.-based Bigelow Homes, which prominently shows founder Perry Bigelow's mission on its conference room wall: "To honor, glorify and experience God in all relationships and to do good work." Just below is the company purpose, which now inspires a team led by son and president Jamie Bigelow: "To respect and value people, foster interdependent relationships, and respect and care for the natural environment."

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By Bigelow Homes 2-11-2009